Fill Report 
for Long Consultation

German New Medicine

Phytotherapy and Scientific Aromatology applied to the 5 Biological Laws

In order to carry out a thorough and rigorous anamnesis, our team needs you to complete the following data and, in the last point, very important, write your ‘History’.

When writing the ‘History’ in that last point, the information written by the patient must be personal and non-transferable. That is, if possible, not shared with relatives or close friends. In this way, we ensure that the patient does not feel constrained and can write with complete freedom and confidence. In cases where the patient is a small child, an elderly person, a physically or mentally handicapped patient, etc., then it would be their ‘tutor’ who would write it.

Said writing of the ‘history’ is not only essential for our ‘guide in GNM’, but it is part of the process, as a reminder, to help the patient arrive at the Consultation with a much clearer general perspective. Thank you.

(biological right-handed or left-handed). In GNM, we do not need to know if the individual writes or works with one hand or the other, or is ambidextrous, since this is the mechanical or motor laterality that everyone knows. Really, what we need to know for sure is biological laterality. To obtain this data, the patient must perform the ‘Applause Test’, which is how we call it at GNM. The hand that hits the other, that is, the one that makes the 'clap' is the one that marks our biological laterality. If you still do not know exactly how to do it, this link is explained in a simple way, from our website. Click > HERE and you will find the explanation at the end of the article.

(beginning of menopause or andropause, possible complications in full menopause, hormonal changes, regular or irregular periods, use or not of contraceptives, etc.). At this point, it will also be necessary to make it clear whether or not the patient has undergone any operation, medication or process of any kind where both the testicles and the ovaries have been affected.

We must know all the medicines, medicinal plants, medicinal complexes, etc., that are being taken at this time; also specify if any substance has been used in the past for a long period of time. Also vaccinations.

Attach, if available, all available medical documents related to the current diagnoses for which you are consulting.

In the box below, write both records as one, not separately. That is, as a journal-writing, and not schematically, describe your experiences from birth to the present, and in chronological order (add dates whenever you can).

Take your time in this writing, it would be the equivalent of 1 or 2 sheets of paper.

The ‘medical historial’ refers to all events related to the state of health suffered throughout life. All possible diagnoses must also be specified, obviously including the current one. In this history it goes from a complicated delivery, chickenpox, appendicitis to cancer. When going back to the time of the same birth, it may be necessary to ask the mother if he can do so; if you can't, or you don't remember yourself, it doesn't matter.

The ‘life historial’ must include all the events that have marked the life of the patient. Everything that is considered important. For example: abuse, rejection, family problems, separations, love or emotional relationships, disappointments, financial problems, work problems, etc.