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Phytotherapy and Scientific Aromatology applied to the 5 Biological Laws

The Veterinary Consultation service is designed to address any case in animals, generally mammals.

As in people, the 5 Biological Laws apply in the same way to animals, in fact to all living beings.

Obviously, it is the person in charge of the animal with whom we approach the case.

The person in charge of the animal must know the 5 Biological Laws and the terminology associated with them, at least:

  • Biological Shock (DHS)
  • Active Phase (AC Phase)
  • Healing Phase (Pcl Phase)
  • Epileptoid Crisis (CE)

In order to make the most of the information you will obtain in a Large Consultation session, we strongly recommend reading the 5 BL in our Blog.

Sessions with the patient are always by videoconference.

You will only need:

  • computer or tablet
  • stable internet connection
  • micro
  • webcam

The latter two are usually already incorporated into tablets and laptops.

You will not need to install any video conferencing tools. At the end of the reservation process, we will provide you with a link so that you can access the session by videoconference easily.

In addition, at the end of the session, you will get the recording of all the advice to review and work on whenever you need it.

In our team, François Leduc is the one who handles all cases, without exception.

He is the team’s therapist, specialist in German New Medicine, with the interesting contribution of his own research in Phytotherapy and Scientific Aromatology applied to the 5 Biological Laws.

You can choose between:

  • English
  • French
  • Spanish
  • German

François Leduc speaks, as his mother tongues, both French and English.

But if you require translation into Spanish or German, there is no problem, one of our advanced students will always join the session, who will interpret, together with François, into either of these two languages. This added service has no additional cost. You just have to check the corresponding box when booking the appointment.

If, on the other hand, you need to make the query in a language other than the four mentioned (for example, you only speak Italian), there is no problem, but in that case our team cannot provide the translation, then you should find someone from your confidence that you can act as an interpreter.

The price of the session is 97 euros.

(Don’t worry about the currency, the payment gateway automatically converts to the currency of your country. Also here you can check the price converted to your specific currency).

Even after the session, in most cases that require it, François will develop a therapeutic protocol, based on Phytotherapy and Scientific Aromatology applied to the 5 Biological Laws, that will help the animal in their process (1 hour), at no cost added. This protocol is sent a few days later by email.

Payment can be made by bank card or paypal.

(Don’t worry about the currency, the payment gateway automatically converts to the currency of your country. Also here you can check the price converted to your specific currency)

In our Veterinary Consultation service at NMG, you will receive the necessary information to be independent and take control of the animal process. You will be able to know the following points:

  • the exact causes (and specific nuances) of everything you consult, that is, the ‘why’ (see 1st Biological Law)
  • the biological meaning of each of the symptoms, that is, ‘what for’ (see 5th BL)
  • the phases in which each of your biological programs is found, until now erroneously called diseases (see 2nd BL)
  • possible tracks. (see 2nd BL)
  • possible epileptoid crises. (see 2nd BL)

In short, you will be offered the information necessary for your animal to be self-sufficient in its process.

We will also guide you to find the solutions that suit you best (they will never be imposed) and we will provide you, if the case requires it, a specific therapy for the case. More specifically, François Leduc works with phytotherapy and scientific aromatology applied to the 5 Biological Laws of Nature.

After the session, François will continue to analyze the case to send, via e-mail, a therapeutic protocol prepared in accordance with biological laws and depending on the case to be treated.

Since François Leduc is a phytotherapist and aromatologist scientist, they are generally protocols made based on medicinal plants, however each case is unique, therefore the proposals are always personalized.

These working hours are free.

We strongly recommend reading the following article

MEDICINAL PLANTS and GNM, a perfect quintessence,

where our expert François Leduc explains in detail why, unlike what has been believed until now, no substance, not even medicinal plants, cures absolutely nothing. Rather, they serve and help us to support the phases that our biological program is going through (supposed “disease”).

If you have questions about this service after reading all the information, write to us and we will respond as soon as possible

Vet Consultation

1 hour
GNM Online Session specialized in veterinay to address any case in animals through the 5 Biological Laws