Online Consultations

German New Medicine

Phytotherapy and Scientific Aromatology
applied to the 5 Biological Laws

Large Consultation

3 hours

+ 2h Analysis*

GNM Personalized Online Session for cases of medium or high complexity that need to be addressed exhaustively.

Short Consultation

1 hour
GNM Online Session only for cases with specific, mild or urgent symptoms that do not require a complex approach.

Vet Consultation

1 hour
GNM Online Session specialized in veterinary to address any case in animals through the 5 Biological Laws

Follow Up

1 hour
Online follow-up session for cases that have already made a Large or Short Consultation and need support or a check-up after a while.

Real People. Real Results.

When you understand the origin, process and biological meaning of your symptoms… everything begins to fit together and you become the sole owner of your life
Eternally grateful for the help, it has been of great use to me. 20 years of psychoanalysis summed up in 3 hours!
Gerardo (Argentina)
Behavioral disorders
The GNM consultation was excellent, very informative, and of great value to my health awareness. It was very nice to meet François and Loulou. Very beautiful people and I hope to keep in touch for future consultations. I will certainly refer friends and family who need it. I eagerly await François's therapeutic protocol.
Ana Karina (U.S.A)
Hair Loss
I have no words (they are not enough ...) to thank you for everything. For me, the counseling was one of the best things that happened to me in my life, not only because I felt understood, contained (they are two very kind people, extremely sweet) but because it has given me the life expectancy that someone could imagine and Has thrown away all my fears It really touched me a lot. François has helped me and I hope I can understand how much. I will be eternally grateful.
Carlota (Argentina)
Liquid Retention
Nail Fungi
The consultation was extraordinary. Fortunately I am following your advice, working on my recording of the session. I am very happy and grateful to you.
Elisa (Spain)
Hashimoto's Autoimmune Thyroiditis
Deeply grateful to Loulou and François, they are wonderful. Your words, your vision, and your wisdom help me tremendously. Above all, I appreciate your patience. And once again I thank the Universe for its existence and support for human health. The consultation was wonderful and since Friday I am another, I feel fantastic. GNM is the best!
Isabel (Chile)
Cervix Cancer
I would like to thank the entire team for helping me resolve my conflicts. After a long process of self-discovery and personal learning I feel that I have recovered from many of the burdens that I was carrying and now I feel great. You do a great job and I admire you a lot. I know that this does not end here, and that it is a continuous struggle to continue advancing in the search for my own being, but I feel proud of the work done so far and I feel stronger and motivated to continue giving everything. My thanks to Loulou, François and, of course, Javier.
Leire (Spain)
Menstrual Pain
When I started with GNM it was an incredible opening for my mind because I found a light on the path of understanding the true origin of all diseases, but I could not find a place for clear answers. It was like this that I met Javier, Loulou and François who were able to guide me with Chronic Kidney Disease and I was able to get my mother out of a calamitous state left by the doctors of allopathic medicine. My mother, in addition to the CKD, had stopped eating, talking, did not know anyone, was practically dead while still alive, and thanks to the guidance they gave me on how to understand what was happening to my mother through the GNM, and today my mother already walks, talks, eats, makes her own decisions and the most important thing that I have her with me.
Pablo (Argentina)
Chronic kidney disease

François Leduc

Specialist in
German New Medicine.
Phytotherapist and Scientific Aromatologist according to the 5 Biological laws

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